Aug 18, 2015

To all working mother

As much as I have high respect towards SAHM... working mothers, you rock too! 
So to all working mothers, this one is for you. 

 And to lovely Mdm Rokiah, thanks sebab eventhough last time you had to work by shift day and night yang tak menentu, you still managed to attend all of my activities at school - ambik report card, hari anugerah cemerlang for both school SRK & SRA, all PIBG meetings, gotong royong and the list goes on... took care of me waktu tak sihat, prepared breakfast so I won't go to school with empty stomach, prepare lunch box for me even until I was in secondary (ye, saya tak malu nak bawak bekal) and have time to celebrate my birthdays every single year. 

You are one strong lady and you've set the bar so high. 
I hope I could be a good working mother just like you.

And to my husband, Mohd Aminuddin Shahimi, thank you so much for being very helpful and understanding with my ongoing study workloads and always give your hands with the house chores, and taking care of our little Balqis. You've set the bar for our future son-in-law as well. I love you #tiljannah hehe!

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